Gerdus + Marista // Oakfield Farm

Gerdus and Marista had their wedding the week before the country was put on total lock-down. They had to move their wedding ceremony to 1pm in the afternoon, and they had to cut their guest list and only 50 people was able to attend their celebration. But what an amazing day it was nonetheless! Gerdus and Marista wanted to get married and start their life together and they did not allow these little hiccups to rob them of this beautiful memory. In the end you just need to keep your eye on what is really important; starting a life with the person that you can’t live without. Don’t let anything or any amount of planning or stress surrounding your wedding take your eyes off that prize. Congratulations guys…may you have many happy years and amazing memories together.

Brandon + Kelly // Oakfield Farm

This is the gorgeous Kelly and Brandon’s wedding at Oakfield Farm. They opted to take their couple photos before the ceremony, something I often suggest to couples. I always make sure the first meeting is still special and takes nothing away from seeing your bride walking down the aisle. Ask any couple that has done this, and they would tell you it was the best idea of their day!

Greg + Nicole // Oakfield Farm

Greg and Nicole got married on a very wet Saturday at Oakfield Farm. This is something that every Bride dreads, but in the end you just need to accept that there is nothing you can do about it, and be confident in your professional photographer that he will get the job done. #bookapro