Who am I?

Patrick Furter:

Photographer of anything and everything, Husband to my beautiful wife, Father to an adventurous boy and gorgeous blue-eyed girl. I have a great love for the ocean and a Jetski that makes me feel 23 again…and an amateur triathlete.

But what you are here for is my photography, so let me introduce you to that part of my life:

Photography has been my full time profession for more than 20 years, starting out my career as an assistant to a commercial photographer. In these years I have accumulated a wealth of experience in all different aspects and types of photography, and realised my affinity to connect with, and photograph people. I can adapt my style to what each client wants but in the end, the photographs portrays timeless sophistication, never compromising on quality.

I believe that everything has been photographed before, it is the way in which you do it that makes the images unique. I strive to photograph everything with a fresh approach, to put my stamp on each project making sure it does my name justice and to give value to each client.